Countdown email timer in HubSpot

Countdown email timer

Countdown email in HubSpot

This is the First CountDown Email timer in HubSpot.

Send your marketing emails with countdown timer within HubSpot.

This is not just an email template, you can use Email Countdown timer module in any your HubSpot email templates.

Countdown emails are dynamic, attention-grabbing, and powerful to use.

Use countdown timers in email design to encourage subscribers to snag a last-minute deal, register for a workshop, watch an event, book a seat and more, more and more…

Increase urgency, boost engagement and encourage sales by enhancing your marketing emails with EmailTimer.

The countdown timer is fully editable without any programmer skills needed:

  • ✔️ Set time
  • ✔️ Set timer background color
  • ✔️ Set timer font color
  • ✔️ Set timer font size
  • ✔️ Included fonts
  • ✔️ Just buy once and use forever!
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